About us

A Divi designer and a user once met online.
Found they weren’t satisfied by the marketplaces for Divi users and designers. Created a better one: Needyesterday.
Meet who is behind this new, better idea.

Hello! I am Fabio Sarcona

Developer & UX Designer

I'm a Web developer and Ux designers based in Italy. Expert in the design and implementation of child themes for Divi and Extra theme, constantly curious and ready to learn and experience new things. I'm a pixel addict, user interfaces, but as a good Italian, I love good food :).


Hello! I am Marco De Veglia

Brand consultant & Divi user

I have about 30 years of marketing experience. I help small business create their brand with the right combination of Brand Positioning and the best (easiest, cheapest, most effective) Internet Marketing solutions. And, as a Divi user, I wanted better solutions for my clients' Divi web development. When I met online with Fabio, we saw we had the same vision for a better Divi solutions marketplace.

Needyesterday. A better idea for Divi websites

What it is, why we created it.

What it is...

The first Marketplace for Divi Sections

Why having to buy an entire theme or subscribe to a service when you just need one section for your design?
There is a better solution and we invented it, Needyesterday.

Why we created it...

Divi user? Get just sections you need

Get just the sections you need and see how they look before buying. Choose in 16 different categories, mix-n-match them in our Layout Generator to see how they look in your design.

Turn your workflow into a Piece of cake!
Choose now your sections for your next project