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How to customize the footer (2)

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Fabio Sarcona, Web Developer, Italy

27 Aug 2016

As promised, here is the second part of the tutorial “How to customize the footer” I promised you two weeks ago.

I know, I told you that would be available last Friday but unexpectedly blocked me for a few days and then I had to postpone the second part of the tutorial.

In this second part, I show how to use two layouts (3-4 View Demo) that are constructed with two different sections.

NOTE: These two layouts are only for newsletter subscribers.

Do you anticipate that it will be much shorter than the previous tutorial because the steps are nearly identical to those already seen in the previous tutorial, but with a small difference that I will show you in a video to make things even easier.

First, be sure to:

1. You must have installed and activated the plugin Divi Widget Builder
2. Import the JSON file (Footer Custom 3 and Footer Custom 4)
3. To add the CSS code (found inside the package .zip – Footer Custom 2.0) in the options panel or in your child theme.

If you have already completed these three simple steps, then you’re ready to check out this short video:

Footer Divi Pre-Made Sections

On Needyesterday you will find 10 ready-to-use layouts for your Footer. You do not need any plugins and like all our pre-made section, they are all compatible with the latest version of Divi and 100% Responsive.


That’s all. As you see you can create a footer that uses multiple sections, this allows you to be able to really give rein to your creativity without limits.

For this week it is all about, as always I wait in the comments to know your opinion or to answer your questions.

Have a nice weekend!