Find the sections you need.
Build the layout you like.

Find the sections you need, organized in 18 categories.
All crafted by great Divi designers.
Buy them in the Store or assemble them in the Generator
and… presto, get the sections you want for your site.


Jared McDowell - Owner / Designer / Creator at JMAN designs

“I love this idea, I love the design, it’s beautiful and will be a great benefit to the Divi community. There is no marketplace like this that I’ve seen.”

Find the sections you need.
Build the layout you like.

Find the sections you need, organized in 17 categories.
All crafted by great Divi designers.
Assemble them in our free Layout Generator
and… presto, get your own unique layout.

Simply the best way to work with Divi:

find sections, make layout, done.

Divi sections are amazing: they help you modularize your work, saving time and getting gorgeous designs. The problem? Find the right sections for your layout.

Needyesterday solves this problem. Find the sections you need, organized in 18 categories, created by the best Divi designers constantly adding new designs.

Just choose the sections you want and see how they look together in a layout you create in minutes with our free Layout Generator.

And when you are satisfied… a few clicks bring your layout to your Divi site. Done.

Crafted by designer for designers

Find your sections easily

Sections are neatly organized into 18 different filterable categories with visual previews for easy searching.

Drag & Drop Easy

Drag & drop any section you like from our growing library, then mix-n-match until you are satisfied with your own unique layout

100% Responsive

All components are optimized for on any device: smartphones, tablets, computers.

18 categories. Unlimited combinations.

We want to be your partner when it comes to building your website and you need a simple and fast way.


1. UI Header

Start your layout with a growing collection of professionally designed Header sections: find the one that is perfect for your website. 


2. UI Pricing

Pricing tables are a must of every modern site that sells. Find the one that works for you in our collection, totally customizable in Divi.


3. UI Contents

Top designers-made Content sections that you can freely assemble with our Generator. Save time and get professional results with a few clicks.


4. UI Contacts

Contact Us sections are important, but not the most fun to build. Find the one that works for you in our collection: complete with forms and what else you need.


5. UI Testimonials

Testimonial sections are key element of your marketing. Find the one that you like and works better with your site in our growing, designer-made collection.


6. UI Team

Setup the right Team section for your site using our Generator and the sections you find in this growing collections of cool designs.


7. UI Cards

Divi flexibility and time-saving at its best: our Cards sections can be asssembled and used to build the unique layout you have in your mind.


8. UI Services

Another huge time-saving section for your Divi-based website. Find the design that you like in our growing collection and get your site done.


9. UI About

Add design the easy way with our collection of designer-made About sections. Always made with Divi parts for easy mods and fast site development.


10. UI Features

An effective Features section gives your site that modern, professional feeling you want. Find the one that works best in our growing collection… done.


11. UI Footer

A huge time-saver, the Footer sections in our collection will give your site the perfect footer, complete with all the elements, with just a few clicks.


12. UI Wireframe

Do you need to quickly create a draft to show your client? The Wireframe sections help you focus on creating and meeting deadlines.


13. UI Navigation

Get uber-professional and versatile navigation sections to give your site that cool, modern, “million-dollar” look.


14. UI Portfolio

Amazing Portfolio sections to show any kind of work in your site. All designer-made and Divi-based for both coolness and fast development time.


15. UI Blog

Make your Blog section as cool as the rest of your site. Find the design you like, assemble it in the Generator… and your blog rocks.


16. UI
Optin Forms

Optin sections are a must of today direct-response internet marketing. Make them the easy way in your Divi-based site with our collections of designs.

Coming soon…


17. UI Separator

Handy Separator sections for your layout, just choose the one you like, check how it works in the Generator and presto… your page is done.
Coming soon


18. UI Call
To Action

A growing collection of Call to Action sections for all your needs of interaction with your site visitors. All ready with all the elements you need. 
Coming soon

Make your layouts in seconds with Needyesterday.

We created Needyesterday with a specific goal:
To make Divi site development faster and easier. As it should, in fact.

Here you find the sections you need, assemble them with the Generator and…
your layout is done in seconds.

No guesses, no buying themes just for one element, no expensive memberships.

Start using Needyesterday today: You’ll never go back the old way.


Happy Divi users. Happy Divi designers.

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"OMG, it looks so great. I love how it is done and the design is awesome, it is so intuitive how to get layouts together and how to purchase them.”

Olga SummerhayesOlga Summerhayes

Web Designer/Developer

"I love this idea, I love the design, it's beautiful and will be a great benefit to the Divi community. There is no marketplace like this that I've seen”

jared-mc-dowellJared McDowel

Web Designer

"That is great and very well done! Like how we can build the pages dragging the pictures to make the layout!
Very nice, congrats guys!”

Rui PereiraRui Pereira

Lead Developer

Turn your workflow into a Piece of cake!
Choose now your sections for your next project