Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

a. These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the “Conditions”) have as their object the purchase of products and services discipline on needyesterday.com (here in after “Site”) site owned by:

NeedYesterday by CREATIVE DESIGN

Via Monfenera, 23

Palermo (PA), 90128, Italy


P.iva: 02734690353

Email: [email protected]

b. The products made available from the Site consist mainly of Sections for Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. All products and services offered are described in detail in Set within the respective sections (Store and Service).

c. All purchases of products and services provided through the Site by users who access are governed by these Terms, as well as other provisions contained in the Site. In the case of conflict between the provisions of the above provisions and the contents of the Conditions, the latter shall prevail.

d. These Terms apply equally to all Customers, Clients Consumers or simple users of the Site agree that the (now simply called the “Customer”). Clients Consumers also apply to Articles 50 to 63 of Legislative Decree. N. 206/2005. “Customer Consumer” means a natural person who purchases the goods or services offered by the Site for purposes unrelated to their business or profession; the effects of these conditions, it is assumed that it is not “Customer Consumer” the customer you send a direct offer of products or services simultaneously inserting their VAT registration in the Site relating to personal data of the customer.

2. Validity of conditions and completion of the contract

a. These Conditions are valid and accepted through access by the Customer to the site where, by following the procedures indicated, will accept them to continue.

b. NeedYesterday may change at any time and without notice, the content of these Conditions. Any changes will take effect from the date of publication on the Website and, except for the changes more favorable to the customer, will only apply to contract proposals (orders) purchase sent by the Customer after the date of publication.

3. Availability of products and services and delivery

a. The digital products are released immediately after payment. The customer receives an email notification. Can be accessed with login to your account and perform your downloads.b. In case of non-receipt of the

b. In case of non-receipt of the email the Site cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. Enough anyway to write an email at the address at the head of this contract have provisions for download.c. Any services will be made depending on calendars presented to the customer before purchase.

c. Any services will be made depending on calendars presented to the customer before purchase.
NeedYesterday reserves the right to terminate without notice access to any free digital service offered on the Site.

4. Right of withdrawal

The return right is NOT, however, provided on the following products:

a. Files downloaded from the Internet or sent via email (Sections);
b. Customized products according to user requirements.

5. Responsibility and results

a. All products and services of the Site, such as Sections and articles, have a purely educational purpose, informative or entertaining and do not replace, in the present cases, any kind of medical or psychological treatment.

b. The contents, experiences and strategies indicated by the authors, are the result of their personal knowledge and specialization. The customer assumes full responsibility for their economic, financial or career choices, aware of the risks associated with any form of exercise or investment.

c. NeedYesterday accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information, procedures, methods, tools, products or processes on the Site. The Customer is responsible for the content verification prior to their practical application.

d. NeedYesterday is not responsible in case of temporary inability to access the Site and the services available via the Internet determined by causes attributable to the reference providers or other network anomalies. Those circumstances do not, therefore, constitute a breach of contract on the part of the Site.

e. NeedYesterday are always working to protect the site through appropriate measures against unauthorized access to or misuse by third parties. However, absolute protection cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for any consequences of misuse of your personal information, which might occur despite the preventive measures taken.

7. Obligations of the users of the Site

NeedYesterday empowers the customer to access the Site and to use the products and services it offered to the following conditions:

a. The Customer agrees not to alter the appearance of the whole or part of the Site, nor to compromise – or groped to compromise – its operation in any way, especially through the inclusion of data containing computer viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. The Customer also agrees not to use the services of the Site in order to limit the availability of the Site to other users.

b. The Customer undertakes not to collect data on the Site through systems such as robots, spiders or any differently. The Customer agrees not to copy, publish or reproduce the contents of the Site in any other way, especially on the Internet. Any reproduction of content in a medium of communication – especially in order to publicize such content on a different website – is always and in any case requires the prior written permission of NeedYesterday.

c. The Customer undertakes not to collect personal data belonging to users of the Site.

d. The Customer undertakes not to make abusive use of the services offered by Supplier, as well as to refrain from any unlawful act through or in connection with the Site or the services offered by the Site.

e. By entering the Site and indicating your email address, you agree to send a mail newsletter by NeedYesterday. The Customer may terminate this transmission at any time by clicking on the link inside the same newsletter aimed at this purpose.

f. The Customer acknowledges that the proposed services are offered exclusively to people who have come of age. Therefore, with its registration services of the site (even just the free ones), you confirm that you are 18 years old. Any person below the age of 18 years is not authorized in any way to use the Site.

g. Any use by the false information in the registration process customer required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of the services and the subsequent communications will constitute grounds for this contract, subject to the right for NeedYesterday to prosecute any violation or abuse; Personal data and the email must be the only real personal data and not some other person. It is expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations of the same person or enter data of third persons. NeedYesterday reserves the right to prosecute any violation and abuse, in and for the protection of all consumers.

h. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that will not use the material offered (both costly form free) against the Site or its associates.

i. The Customer acknowledges that the services and proposals information is to be used exclusively for personal use.

j. Customer is responsible in managing your login details (username / password) with care, discretion and caution. The Site and NeedYesterday can not be held responsible for any misuse of data access, nor for damages resulting from an inappropriate access by third parties.

k. The Customer undertakes to immediately notify the Site of any unauthorized use of your data access and possible abuse encountered in relation to it.

l. The customer may not share your account with other people, or make it a group use. Violation of this rule will result in the automatic lockout of the customer and the loss to its load of each download.

m. The Customer agrees not to transmit to the Site any blasphemous or otherwise infringes any right protected by the Italian law, assuming, if not, any liability under the law. Such behavior will result in immediate deactivation of the profile, in addition to any legal action.

n. The Customer also undertakes not to propagate defamatory comments or remarks on the material on the Site. The unlawful conduct by the customer will result in immediate deactivation of the profile, save the action for damages and prosecution of malfeasance in office criminal.

8. Jurisdiction

Any dispute regarding the application, execution, interpretation and violation of these Terms is subject to Italian jurisdiction.

9. Copyright

a. All information, data, articles, editorial content, product, images, graphics, audio and video files, drawings and, in general, the material displayed and published on the site are owned by NeedYesterday properties or of the authors of the articles and are protected by laws on industrial and / or intellectual property. The Customer agrees not to copy, modify, create derivative works or otherwise, without the express permission of NeedYesterday.

b. The Customer agrees not to copy, modify, create derivative works or otherwise, without the express permission ofNeedYesterday. 10. Approval of the clauses

10. Refund Police

Check out our Refund Policy page.

12. Approval of the clauses

You represent that you have read and specifically approve the clauses specified in the following articles of the General Terms and Conditions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Last Update: 20/01/2018

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